Inspiration For Your Perfect Kitchen Island

Every homeowner uses their kitchen a little differently. Maybe you love to bake. Maybe hosting all of your friends or family for dinner is your idea of the perfect Saturday night. In good design form follows function. So when you’re dreaming up the elements that make up your perfect kitchen, it is important to consider how your space will be used most.

The Kitchen Island

One of the first things most homeowners have on their wishlist for their ideal kitchen is an island. If you have the square footage, an island is almost always a smart addition to your kitchen’s layout. The extra counter and storage space it provides is a huge selling point. Plus, kitchen islands are a great opportunity to add a few extra features to your new space.

Use your island to create extra cabinet space to store cookware or create a pantry if your kitchen doesn’t already have one. Adding features like pull-out shelving or more customized storage options will help you maximize every extra square inch.

Have an impressive collection of cookbooks? An island with built in bookshelves is a great place to keep them close at hand without sacrificing precious counter space.

This oversized island provides copious amounts of workspace, a sink, and even a wine refrigerator. If you enjoy hosting large parties, this could be your ideal combination of features.

Kitchens tend to be natural gathering places, and an island presents the perfect opportunity for extra seating. If you don’t like the idea of people eating on the same counter as any prep work you might be in the middle of, a dual level island is a great way to separate work space from eating space.

Designing Your Kitchen Island

Still looking for more inspiration? Check out these impressive and creative kitchen islands.

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