Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel in Santa Maria, CA

Kitchen remodeling costs can certainly make some people pause when considering rooms to remodel, but it also comes with the best return on your investment and often the most dramatically improved difference. In order to prepare for such a glorious home facelift, it’s time to plan for not having a fully functioning kitchen during the time of your remodel. You will have the thought of your beautiful new kitchen installation to get you through, but here are some more practical tips to survive a kitchen remodel:


Stock your “Pantry”

  • Whether your pantry items were in cabinets or a walk-in pantry, those spaces are now under construction. Grab a couple of clear tubs to store items that you will need on a regular basis. Cereals, granola bars, and nuts are great to have on hand for snacks and quick breakfasts.

  • Spices and other dry foods like rice will be helpful when cooking in your makeshift kitchen, so make sure to put in a smart place before work begins.

  • Every time you reach into a clear plastic tub just close your eyes and imagine your beautiful custom kitchen cabinetry that you will soon be opening.

Do Your Best with What You Have

  • If you don’t have an oven or a stove available for the time being, you would be amazed at what you can cook with a microwave, panini press, grill, and a crockpot. If the weather allows, grill as often as you can. For one, it can be a very healthy way to eat, and second, you can cook almost anything on a grill. From pizzas to meats and vegetables, you really can get a lot of versatility out of your grill.

  • If the weather is cold or rainy, use your crockpot for soups, beans, and even oatmeal. For rice and steaming vegetables, your microwave will become your best friend.

  • Make sure to set up a little coffee bar. Grab a bar cart or even a TV tray and set up your coffee pot, coffee beans and a few mugs to make sure your day gets started right.

  • If you have a garage or mudroom, place your refrigerator or a mini-fridge in an easily accessible area for your necessities.

  • Use paper plates and plastic utensils as often as possible. While it is not the best choice environmentally speaking, it will have to do until your dishwasher or sink is ready.

Take Advantage of Eating Out

  • While it can be easy to get burnt out on eating at restaurants, you will appreciate the break from your makeshift kitchen. Surely there are a few restaurants in your area that you have been waiting to try. This is your chance!

  • Keep an eye out for coupons in the mail. Follow your neighborhood restaurants on social media to find out about happy hours, nights where kids eat free, and other special deals. You can plan ahead each week and know the best nights to eat out to stay on budget.

Keep pictures of your kitchen remodeling ideas nearby so that you can be reminded of the light at the end of the tunnel. When you are ready to get started on your custom kitchen design, New Life Bath and Kitchen is ready to help you with each step. From choosing countertops to designing a custom kitchen island, our general contractors and designers will create your dream kitchen in Santa Maria, CA and complete the project in a timely manner. Call today to find out more.