Have You Considered These Helpful Features for Your Kitchen Remodel?

When you’re planning your kitchen remodel picking fixtures, countertops, and finishes can be a lot of fun, but function is just as important as ascetics. That’s why we’ve rounded up five features we think will make your daily routine a little easier once you’re in your brand new kitchen.

Keep Your Counters Clutter-free with an Appliance Garage

Blenders, mixers, and other small kitchen appliances can be a pain to store and retrieve from cupboards, but also create visual clutter when left out on the countertop. An appliance garage is a cubby built into your wall with a sliding door that keeps these items easily accessible yet out of sight.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Do you have a special collection of dishes you’d like to display but don’t want to dust every time you go to use them? Glass cabinets are an attractive and practical solution to this design dilemma. Often times homeowners feel like if they use glass cabinet doors they need to appear throughout their entire kitchen. This couldn’t be farther from the case though. While you can match the doors of your cabinets, we happen to like a strategic mix of the two styles.

Install a Pot Filler

Having a pot filler installed above your stovetop will save you countless spills and trips across the kitchen carrying heavy pots. It may seem like a small luxury, but every homeowner who chooses to have one installed while remodeling their kitchen raves about how much they love this convenience item.

Maximize Your Drawer Space

The possibilities for drawer and cabinet organizers are nearly limitless these days. From custom dish drawer organizers to sliding spice racks or skinny pull out cabinets for housing oil and vinegar bottles, you can find a way to maximize every square inch of your new kitchen to suit your needs perfectly.

Put Your Utensils on Display

If you prefer the look of clean, clutter-free countertops, you’ll appreciate the addition of a hanging utensil rack above or near your stove top. Magnetic knife strips near a designated chopping station are another great convenience item to incorporate into your new kitchen.

Do You Need Help with Your Kitchen Remodel?

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