Refinish Instead of Replace Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing cabinets can be an expensive process, which is why it's often a great idea for homeowners to simply refinish the cabinets. With a good paint or stain job, what was old can look new again. 

Now, if your cabinets have wear and tear, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you want to give them a modern or contemporary look, that's easy enough. But, you can also use that "lived-in" look to your advantage. A decorative finish can exploit that worn look. A red glaze, for instance, can make the cabinets look lived-in and attractive. 

If, however, you want a modern or contemporary look, there are a variety of things you can do. Simply paint them white, for one. It might seem a dull affair, but white cabinets, with the right countertops, backsplash, and kitchen appliances, can look incredible. It's slick and classy. The only problem would be that they might require a bit more cleaning than other finishes, but that shouldn't be a deterrent. 

We've also written before about how top and bottom cabinets can be finished in two different colors. This is a great option for updating your kitchen cabinets. It can serve the dual function of giving the cabinets and the space a new look and vibe. Your cabinets will look new again, and the space could feel more expansive. 

If you want to talk about refinishing your kitchen cabinets, please get in contact with us!