Dark Wood Kitchen Floors: A Modern and Classic Look


We tend to think of dark wood kitchen floors as pretty modern as far as design, but dark wood floors aren't some new idea. They've been around as long as wood floors have been in existence, more or less.

So, if you decide you want dark wood floors for your kitchen remodeling project, just know that you have flexibility as far as aesthetic choices. 

Dark Wood Modern

If you want a modern look with the dark wood kitchen floors, paint the cabinets a white hue. This is sleek, contemporary, and incredibly attractive. You could pair this with lighter marble tables for the island and cooking areas, as well as tiles on the backsplash area. The walls can be painted to complement both the backsplash, the marble, and the dark wood floor.

Dark Wood Vintage

If you're taste tends more toward the vintage, think of pairing your dark wood floors with open cabinets painted in the lived-in or Tuscan look. The walls, backsplash area, and countertops can all be closer to Earth tones to give the kitchen a more lived in, vintage feel. This look looks truly wonderful with dark wood kitchen floors. 

If you have any other questions about how to design around dark wood kitchen floors, be sure to get in touch with New Life Bath & Kitchen. We're happy to put our expertise to work for you!

Image Credit: Gerety Building & Restoration