Choosing and Protecting Your Bathroom Paint

The bathroom is an incredibly important room in your home. Aside from just the benefit of having a clean, quiet place to take your morning shower, custom bathrooms have skyrocketed in popularity (along with kitchens), adding tremendous value to a home.

A fresh focus on bathroom colors and designs have shoved this relatively small room out of the shadows and into the stylistic limelight. There are practically limitless options for flooring, bathroom counters, fixtures, and styles of tubs and showers.

At the same time, your bathroom’s paint experiences more wear and tear than perhaps any other room in your home. There are huge temperature fluctuations, moisture, occasionally leaks and spills, and don’t forget the need to towel-dry the wall after you bathe the dog. With all of this in mind, the question quickly surfaces: what can you do to protect your bathroom’s paint?

Wise Paint Decisions

Here are a few ideas for making wise product, and maintenance, choices:

  • Choosing the right gloss – High-gloss paint is typically very durable, easily standing up to scrubbing and drying, but it also shows any and all imperfections in your wall. A semi-gloss is a good option; sturdy, but also forgiving.
  • Do you need specialized bathroom paint? – Especially if you like a good, steamy shower, using a specialized formula that can resist mold and mildew might be a good idea. If yours is a half-bath, on the other hand, or maybe a second bathroom that isn’t used very often, a bathroom-specific paint shouldn’t be necessary.
  • Ventilation – The value of a powerful ventilation system can’t be overstated. Air exchange will help to keep your paint fresh, and lower the risk of harm due to condensation and trapped, moisture-laden air.
  • Lighting – If you have quality bathroom paint, why let shadows and dark corners hide your colors, or create the illusion of there being different hues? Even, bright lighting will help your walls to shine.

Ask a Bathroom Professional!

Asking a bathroom remodeling professional for help will eliminate the guesswork when it comes to making the very best paint and design choices for your space. From custom, interior painting to an entirely new look, New Life Bath and Kitchen can help! Why not contact us today?