Bathroom Backsplash Design Ideas

The backsplash is, in many ways, the focal point of a bathroom. It gets the most eyeballin' aside from the shower and toilet areas. So, how can a homeowner spruce up a backsplash? Here are a few ideas. 

Contrasting Wall Colors

Paint the backsplash a different color than the other walls. If white is the dominant color in a bathroom, paint the backsplash a light blue or green to make it look contemporary. 

Mosaic Tiles

A lot of modern bathrooms, including those in the Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo areas, feature mosaic tiles for the backsplash. The rest of the walls are painted whatever color you like. This conrast makes the bathroom modern and chic, which is always a good choice. 

Expand the Mosaic Backsplash

This is for the bold and daring. Instead of mosaic tiling just the backsplash, the homeowner tiles all of the walls, but not the ceiling. This option is ecstatically luxurious, and will wow friends and family alike. 


Another great option is to wallpaper the backsplash. With so many new patterns, designs, paper types, and boutique wallpapers on the market, there are no shortage of ways to cover a backsplash. Depending on taste, it can be modern, vintage, or even playful.