Facts About Walk-In Bathtubs

Image Credit:  Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

I'm sure you've either seen the infomercials or heard people talking about those famous walk-in bathtubs. How could you not! They are all over our market, especially to announce to the country how important it is to think about safety in the bathroom. If you have ever been curious about how they work, you've come to the right place!

At New Life Bath & Kitchen in Santa Maria, we specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, but also advocate the importance of safe bathing. We sell lots of great safe bathing solutions for the home, like walk-in bathtubs, walk-in showers, seats, grab bars, support bars, etc.

The walk-in bathtub has always been an interest to many. It gives the consumer the luxury of bathing with the benefits of being safe. No one wants to have to step up and over the bathtub to get in and take the risk of falling and really hurting themselves. Walk-in tubs also have the option of water jets and air jets for a whirlpool feature, which is great for those who have arthritis or other aches and pains. These tubs are also very easy to install, as they are made to replace a standard 3-foot by 5-foot shower or tub unit.

However, walk-ins tubs aren't always the perfect fit for everyone. Some people don't like to take baths in general so this is an obvious mismatch and we would steer them in the direction of a walk-in shower instead.

Some of the downfalls of walk-in bathtubs include, having to sit inside as the water fills up, and having to continue to stay inside as the water drains. It typically takes about 10-12 minutes to fill-up and a quick 3 minutes to drain. These tubs also come with a hefty price tag that some people can't afford. But it's very important to know that injuries and hospital bills are much more than the cost of safe bathing solutions. 

Regardless of age, we try to inform our clients of the need of these safe bathing solutions in every bathroom. Grab bars especially. Anyone could use assistance to get in and out of a shower or bathtub, and we highly advocate walk-in showers in all bathroom remodels. They are safe, modern-looking and all-around universal.

As we all get older, we need to consider these things in our home bathrooms. They are necessary whether you like it or not. For questions or a free in-home consultation, call us today!