Air Jets vs. Water Jets in Bathtubs?

Which type of jets consumers prefer has long been a topic for discussion in the spa industry. Over the last several years, manufacturers have seen a large jump in the demand for air baths. There are several reasons for this, including what some say are incorrect perceptions of the differences between the two.

Air baths have grown in popularity above whirlpools over the last four to five years. Part of the reason is because it was a newer technology, and part of the reason was that whirlpools were starting to get a bad name. To the uninformed person, air baths are clean, whirlpools are dirty. The fact of the matter is, neither is the case. Either product can be clean or dirty depending on how it's engineered. Air baths and whirlpools are not interchangeable, since they have different purposes, and often customers will choose both to have each type of therapy available to them. 

It seems that the air systems seem to be very popular right now vs. the whirlpool bathtub. This is due to the perception as well, both in the different type of massage offered, and the perception that water jets aren't as clean.

Back in the day with the plumbing of whirlpools you wouldn't get all drainage out of the lines, so there's a perception that they are dirty. Some brands made sure the lines have the pitch in them that allows this drainage. Since that was done, now it's going to take educating the consumer about this so their perception isn't what it is right now.

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