How to Coordinate Paint and Furniture

In order to create a room that is balanced, stylish, and harmonious, consider a design that integrates all of the aspects of your space. Do you have a special item or piece of furniture that you want to highlight? A special couch, rug, vase or painting can be the beginning point for a wonderfully colorful room.

If you are working from a multi colored item, like a painting or a patterned carpet, it works very nicely to choose one of the less dominant colors and use it elsewhere in the room. You could choose curtains, trim, a door or even an accent wall in the matching color. This will bring harmony to the room and make your item stand out.

Another effective technique, best when you have a solid-color piece of furniture to match, is to make it stand out by contrast. If you have a boldly colored couch or vase, a complementary (opposite) colored wall will put it to best advantage. A neutral background, such as tan, gray, white or beige, will also have a similar effect. If your furniture is a neutral color, try bringing it out by painting the walls boldly behind it.

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