How to Choose the Right Cabinets for Your Kitchen

The cabinets of a kitchen, when completing a kitchen remodel, usually run about 50% of the total job cost. At New Life Bath & Kitchen in Santa Maria, we give clients a variety of cabinet lines to choose from. We carry a cabinet line that is comparable to in-stock Home Depot cabinets, all the way up to full custom cabinets.

The first question is, how much money does your budget allot for cabinetry? The second, how important is the quality and longevity of the cabinets?

The difference between in-stock Home Depot cabinets and custom made cabinets is the quality and how they are built. The less expensive cabinets are usually built from particleboard and the drawer boxes are not dovetailed and usually have the standard side glides.

Semi-custom and custom cabinets are usually fully made from plywood, the drawer boxes are 3/4″ thick finished wood with dove-tail construction and have full-extension, soft-close drawer glides. Custom cabinets can be made to any size, door style, wood and color and have a wide variety of interior accessories. The Home Depot type stock cabinets are only available in standard sizes, have limited door styles, woods and colors.

Choose what’s right for you. What’s more important, price or quality? There are definitely options in-between two. Just be careful when purchasing because having a warranty or guarantee can help you in the long run. But remember, the cabinetry is often the most important part of a kitchen remodel, and in this day and age the kitchen is a major focal point in a home.