Selecting the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Selecting hardware for your kitchen cabinets can seem like a difficult task. When you’re remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to choose hardware that will flow with the style of the kitchen but is also practical. Although the hardware might be thought of by some as a simple afterthought to the cabinets, it can absolutely make a stunning change to the aesthetic of your kitchen.

It’s most important to match the finish and style of the hardware to the theme of the kitchen. Hardware finishes with a metallic sheen or polished glow, like stainless steel or polished chrome, fit well in modern, contemporary settings. Finishes with darker, aged appearances, like oil-rubbed bronze or brushed brass or pewter, are found in more elegant and traditional kitchens.

When selecting between a knob and a pull, most people like what feels right for them. To many, knobs are easier to use and simpler in appearance, and for others pulls seem more efficient and give more character to the kitchen cabinets. It also depends on the theme of the space.

For instance, large, sleek pulls are often ideal for contemporary kitchens with clean lines and minimalist details. Another dilemma people face when choosing cabinet hardware is deciding on whether to use both pulls and knobs and on what cabinets. Traditionally, knobs are found on doors and pulls are found on drawers. But often times the opposite is done too. But in all honesty, there are no rules for where each is used best. 

Just remember to stay within the style of the kitchen and don’t go overboard with the hardware. Cabinet hardware is an excellent accessory but shouldn’t be the main event.

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