6 Good Reasons for a Kitchen Remodel

Maybe your kitchen flooded. Maybe it hasn't been updated since Jimmy Carter was in office. Maybe you just really like remodeling. Everyone comes to a kitchen remodel a different way. In fact, there isn't a wrong reason for a kitchen remodel, but many people end up making the decision for one of these six reasons.

1. Remodel to Sell Your Home

Think about how you feel when you walk into a thoughtfully-designed, attractive kitchen. You want to stay there, right? Well, if you're selling your home, that's the precise feeling you want prospective buyers to experience: the feeling of wanting to stay put. You want prospective buyers to be so smitten with your home that they can't stand the thought of not living there. A well-designed, updated, beautiful kitchen will increase the chances of your home getting sold and it may even help you fetch a higher price. However, you may or may not recoup your investment, depending on several factors.

2. Deterioration

You want to enjoy being in your kitchen. And not only that, but your kitchen needs to be functional to keep your house running smoothly. If you always have to jiggle the cabinet handle "just so" and you keep tripping on cracked tile, your kitchen becomes a place that isn't conducive to meal prep — and isn't all that enjoyable of a place to be, anyway. When your kitchen begins to deteriorate, a remodel is in everybody's best interests.

3. Time for an Update

There's nothing wrong with wanting your kitchen to follow the trends of today. Dated wallpaper, kitchen cabinets that belong in a TV show from the '80s, and countertops that make you cringe are motivation enough for an update.

4. It Doesn't Go with Your Flow

Maybe you stand around to quickly eat a bowl of cereal before rushing off to work. A breakfast nook or a kitchen island would make that mad dash easier. Maybe you like to have a lot of people helping to prepare meals, but the space is too cramped. Or the dining room is too separate. Or the sink has just never worked where it is. We spend so much time in our kitchens, that when they don't flow with our lifestyles, meal prep and eating can become unpleasant and even dreaded.

5. You're a Remodeling Show Junkie

"Fixer Upper." "Property Brothers." "This Old House." You can't get enough of home remodeling shows, and every time you watch one, you come away with brand new ideas for your kitchen. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that! Embrace the TV binge, and follow up with implementing your new ideas in your own kitchen. It's fun!

6. Special Needs

Maybe you take in an elderly parent. Maybe someone in your family suffers an accident. Many people find that disabilities aren't accommodated in ordinary kitchens. When that happens, remodeling your kitchen to meet special needs things like lowered countertops that can be reached by wheelchair, easier drawer pulls, wider doorways, and more — will make everyone in your home feel safe and welcome.

Whatever has brought you to your kitchen remodel, New Life Bath and Kitchen will help you see your dream become a reality. From designing, to installation and configuration, we'll be by your side to bring you your ideal kitchen. Give us a call at (805) 639-5433, or request a free consultation online.