Modern Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

When it comes to kitchen remodeling ideas, styles to choose from are endless. Cottage style kitchens with a farmhouse sink and subway tile have been very popular for the last few years. Traditional kitchens with dark cabinets are timeless, and modern kitchens have been a mainstay for years. Let’s take some time to talk about how you can renovate your kitchen to reflect a sleek, modern style.

While you can go all out and create a totally modern kitchen, you can also select just a few of these modern elements for your custom kitchen design.

Sleek Kitchen Cabinets

Smooth, flat front kitchen cabinets are one of the most basic elements of a modern kitchen. While you can acheive this look with custom kitchen cabinets, you can also reface cabinets if you’re on a budget. Light-colored wood is seen often in remodels as well as glass-front cabinets. Steer away from paned glass fronts, as that is reminiscent of cottage style kitchens. Your kitchen cabinet hardware should be minimal or non-existent. Fixture-free cabinets truly allow the modern design of smooth cabinets to be showcased.

Glass Tile Backsplash

Glass tiles can come in all the shapes and sizes of traditional ceramic tiles. While they cost a bit more than ceramic, the updated look they bring to the kitchen may be worth the cost. Glass tiles also reflect more light, creating a more spacious look to your kitchen.

Solid countertops

Granite may have ruled kitchens in the past, but many homeowners are exploring more unique materials for countertops. Concrete countertops are mostly monochromatic and really add to the modern design of a kitchen. Concrete can be made to look like several types of materials and is usually less costly than other materials. Another option is stainless steel. Rather than a wrap around stainless steel countertop, consider a slim stainless counter. If chefs love it, it’s gotta be good!

Custom Kitchen Island

Leaving room in your budget for a custom kitchen island will be worth the investment not only considerings your personal time in the kitchen, but also for increased resale value of your home. Creating a custom kitchen island is another way to accentuate those new countertops. Your island will truly tie together all of the modern elements of your kitchen, including hidden cabinet and drawer pulls.

Whether you are ready for a total renovation or just a few modern elements, New Life Bath and Kitchen has the experts to help you get started on your kitchen renovation project.