What Goes Into a Bathroom Remodel?

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

-Alexander Graham Bell

A bathroom remodel is exciting — once it's over. The actual process of the remodel can be frustrating as you move your life around to live temporarily with one fewer bathroom in your home. But if you're prepared, you can help the process move along smoother, faster, and with far less frustration. Learn what goes into a bathroom remodel, and prepare yourself with this information.

Budget Before Browsing

The most exciting part of a bathroom remodel is picking out the tiles, fixtures, and more. But don't get ahead of yourself. First, determine how much you can spend. Then, find out how much labor costs will be. With that figure in mind, calculate how much you'll have left over. Only after you've taken these steps should you begin looking at the fun stuff. 

Understand Time

Get a good understanding of how long the bathroom remodel will take. It may be a relatively small space, but keep in mind that it takes time to order fixtures, tiles, and more. If you're having anything custom made, it can take even longer. Be clear about this before you begin so you can make the appropriate arrangements.

Be Prepared for Hidden Problems

Some issues aren't immediately obvious until your bathroom is being taken apart. Only then will you be able to spot certain types of water damage and other problems. Understand that unseen problems could delay progress on your bathroom, and add costly repairs to the process. Hiring a professional with a good reputation will ensure hidden problems are found and taken care of appropriately so you don't have to worry about them again in the future.

Who Is Affected by the Design?

Search for, and organize, design ideas you love. See what jumps out at you. What makes you feel happy? Peaceful? At home? And don't forget to consider these key elements:

  • Who will use this bathroom?
  • Does anyone have special needs?
  • How does the design fit in with the rest of the house?
  • How will this design affect the resale value of your home?

Measure Twice (or More)

When you begin looking for fixtures, cabinets, and more, you want to save yourself a hassle and only look for items that will actually fit in your bathroom. Measure your bathroom carefully, and record it clearly. Pay attention to existing plumbing and wiring as well. And understand the typical measurements of things like toilets, bathtubs, and more so you can plan accurately.

Consider Lighting

It's important for a bathroom to be well-lit. After all, that's where you're doing hair, applying makeup, or making sure you've given yourself a clean shave. A bathroom can often become an oasis as well, so you want to make sure you're creating a calming atmosphere through design and lighting. Incorporating layers of task, accent, ambient, and decorative lighting will ensure that you can create a beautiful space.

Plan for Storage

Don't just dream about the perfect material for your cabinets; make sure you're also dreaming about where those cabinets will go. Be thoughtful as you plan your cabinets and shelving; more storage is never a bad move.

Properly Ventilate

Reduce the risk of mold and mildew by planning for proper ventilation. If you can have both a window and a properly-positioned fan, do so. 

Hire a Contractor

Some aspects of a bathroom remodel lend themselves nicely to DIY. But most require the expertise of a contractor. Hire a company with a good reputation who knows how to help you get the bathroom of your dreams. 

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