Create a Relaxing Environment in Your Master Bath

One of the top requests for almost anybody’s master bathroom remodel is to make it a relaxing space. Bathroom remodeling ideas often focus on how to create a space for homeowners to unwind after a long day or week. It’s best to figure out what type of environment you find most relaxing. Do you want large windows or a skylight to allow natural light in? Or maybe you want light dimmers and space for candles around your tub. No matter your style or needs, creating a relaxing bathroom is within reach whether you want a full bathroom remodel or just want some simple updates.


Here are a few ways, both big and small, that you can create the bathroom oasis of your dreams:



Lighting is a key factor in creating the desired effect for your bathroom. Dim lights and even candlelight are essential for a relaxing environment. Without creating large bathroom remodeling costs, you can upgrade your lighting by having dimmers installed and adding some wall sconces with candles quickly and easily.


Tub and Shower


For the ultimate destressing atmosphere, envision yourself in a bathtub full of bubbles. If your tub is looking less than inviting, installing a new jetted tub could be the answer. If your style leans more towards a vintage look, a clawfoot tub may be more your thing. While tubs are nice for soaking, you will probably still need a shower. Choose shower tile design elements that include colors in your master bath. A no threshold shower creates a more seamless look to your master bathroom, evoking that spa-like atmosphere.


While painting a bathroom may seem like such a small and insignificant step, paint colors evoke moods and feelings more than any other decor element. Find paint colors that make you feel relaxed and that complement your shower tile design as well.


Even with your new spa bathroom, there will be days when you will need your vanity. A custom vanity can be designed to perfectly suit your needs. If you want to keep your current vanity, but it just needs some updating, consider refacing your cabinets.

Whether your bathroom remodeling ideas are large or small, New Life Bath and Kitchen has the expertise to help you with all of your decisions and truly bring your ideas to life.