Selecting Hardware for your Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling any part of your home will call for lots and lots of decisions to be made, but remodeling your kitchen may have the longest list of all. Among those many decisions will be choosing hardware for your kitchen cabinets. Whether you are refacing kitchen cabinets, you plan to paint kitchen cabinets, or install custom kitchen cabinetry, choosing hardware will be one of the last choices you make in your kitchen design.

While it may seem like a simple choice, the hardware options are nearly endless. Taking the time to choose just the right hardware can make a big impact on the overall look of your kitchen design. While hardware is just an accent piece, it will be on each and every cabinet and drawer, so the effect really does build up to make a difference in your custom kitchen design.

So how do you go about making this decision? Start by thinking through the style of your kitchen. Is it minimalist, cottage, beachy, or modern? Do you want your hardware to blend in or do you want them to be like little pieces of art in your kitchen? If you don’t want something too ornate, you can still choose hardware that will complement your cabinet design.


If you want to choose something simple that will also help with resale value, pull colors and sheen from your kitchen faucet and other appliances. If you have stainless steel appliances and a brushed stainless faucet, choosing hardware in the same finish will help your kitchen come together. Be sure to also pay attention to the hinges on your cabinets. Your hardware should also match or complement the hinges, otherwise each will stand out on its own.

Your kitchen may be colorful or you may want to add in some pops of color. Hardware can be a great place to throw in some color without becoming overwhelming. Brightly colored glass knob pulls are a beautiful addition to many kitchen cabinet styles. Pull colors from some other part of the room, even your dishes if they are on display.

When you are ready to talk kitchen remodeling ideas for your Central Coast, CA home, New Life Bath and Kitchen is ready to help you with all of those big and small decisions.