Updating Your Bathroom Vanity in Grover Beach, CA

Home remodeling ideas almost always include the master bathroom, and bathroom remodeling ideas often revolve around the bathroom vanity. Your vanity truly sets the tone for the rest of the master bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling costs can be divided among many different things, but if you are mostly happy with your current bathroom and just need some updates to your bathroom vanity, here are some ways to add or update your vanity to be luxurious:

Bigger is Better

If you do not already have double sinks in your current bathroom vanity, adding this feature is not only helpful to your morning routine, but is also great for resale value. Extend your counter space and add more storage underneath your double sink feature as well. Extend your mirrors across the whole space above your sinks and your space will look even bigger. Don’t forget about lighting! Upgrading your lighting over your vanity will add ambience, character and functionality.

Complementing Materials

If you’re only updating your vanity, use materials that complement the style of your current bathroom. Tie in the colors and patterns from your shower tile design. Choose hardware that matches the hardware in your shower and countertops that complement your floor. If you’re getting involved in a larger project, make sure your vanity matches future pairings. 

Keep it Simple

If bathroom remodeling costs are overwhelming, your current bathroom vanity can easily be updated. A fresh coat of paint or refacing cabinets can make a huge difference. Decorate your shelves with new accessories and reframe your mirror to tie it all together. Simple updates are a great way to refresh your space and even add resale value without spending too much.

Whether you are ready to gut your bathroom and start fresh or just need some simple updates to your vanity and cabinets, we at New Life Bath and Kitchen are here to help you with any bathroom remodeling needs in the Grover Beach, CA area.