Tips for Designing and Remodeling a Small Bathroom

remodeling a smaller bathroom

Bathrooms have enjoyed a recent explosion in popularity. They’re no longer just the second or third door down the hall, but are a real focal point of the home, offering a chance to showcase your favorite style and decor.

Bathrooms also have been growing larger… and larger. Why? Well, as we’ve mentioned before, homeowners want to bring the spa-like experience right into their houses and make it available on a day-to-day basis. Who wouldn’t, right? Steam showers, whirlpool tubs, double vanities, and expansive space are the features of the day.

So, what do you do if you have a smaller bathroom? Can you still bring that touch of elegance and comfort into your home?


7  Ways to Add Huge Style to Your Smaller Bathroom

  1. Eliminate the tub threshold - A floor that seamlessly transitions into your walk-in shower will create the illusion of more floor space.

  2. Horizontal lines - Adding a design element to your tile that runs horizontally along the wall will make the space feel longer than it really is.

  3. Pedestal sink - These sinks offer elegant style while also taking up very little floor space.

  4. Strategic lighting - Natural light is always a benefit! But, if there are no windows, you still have a variety of quality options for illuminating all the dark corners of the space. Lights by the mirror offer an extra benefit as they are then reflected and amplified.

  5. Keep decorations to a minimum - Let the quality of your fixtures, materials, and style shine. Adding additional decorations can make the room feel more cluttered and small.

  6. Avoid stark contrasts - If the colors of the walls and floors flow together without crisp, defined points of contrast, the room will feel more spacious.

  7. Surround your shower with glass - This, combined with the walk-in shower we mentioned above, will allow your bathroom to feel longer.

Bonus Tip: If possible, eliminate your bath mat! It takes up space and reduces the clean flow of the floor.

Be Sure to Talk to a Reputable Bathroom Remodeler Near You

There are few better ways to arm yourself with bathroom remodeling inspiration than to sit down and talk with a professional. Tips, tricks, and style/color ideas abound in our industry. If you have questions for us at New Life Bath and Kitchen, why not contact us today?