Finding and Choosing Your Perfect Shower Design

Showers still play a very specific role in the function of your bathroom. The difference today, however, is that many are designed to serve a larger purpose than simply being the place where you wash up at the start or end of the day.

More and more homeowners are looking for a spa-like experience that is just down the hall rather than across town, and that can be enjoyed whenever they like.

To answer this need, we offer fantastic options for customized, stunning showers. Just as an example, take a look at this one we remodeled recently that includes a remote-controlled steam option: A Custom Steam Shower - Comfortable, Relaxing, and Healthy!

With All of the Available Options, How Do You Find the Right Shower for You?

Before you begin your bathroom building or remodeling project, it certainly is valuable to know the options that are available. One fantastic way to do this is by taking the time to explore what others are doing or have already done in their homes.

To show you what we mean, we thought we’d share a link to a blog that our very own Cindy Albert enjoys reading. The post is entitled “10 Walk-In Shower Ideas that Wow.” Take a look at it here! Exploring these sorts of posts is a fun and efficient way to start the inspiration process.

We also recommend that you talk to a reputable building and remodeling company near you. This is the very best way to both have your specific questions answered as well as begin piecing together a strategy that will suit your space.

Thinking long-term is also crucial. What will your needs down the road be, or how might the use of your bathroom change? If it will be a common space for your entire family, is it functional for everyone? If it’s a private master bath that the kids will rarely even see, then make sure it checks off all the items on your dream list so that you won’t be left thinking about what you wish you’d included...

Notice Shower Materials

Here’s another tip: when you see a shower you like, take note of what kind of materials were used. Marble? Subway tile? A certain fixture or design element? Lighting? Taking this kind of mental inventory will give you ideas for the specific look you want to create which can then be incorporated into your personal bathroom remodel. It also will help your remodeling professional pinpoint the style you’re after!

Are You Looking for a Bathroom Remodeler in the Central Coast?

The New Life Bath and Kitchen team would love to help! And, remember how we mentioned the value of checking out what other homeowners have done? Well, why not start by taking a look at our portfolio?

After that, be sure to give us a call!