What You Need to Know about Kitchen Overhead Lighting

Lighting is having a big moment right now. Before you finalize your list of kitchen remodeling ideas, make sure to add lighting to your wish list. Kitchens have become one of the major decision points for purchasing homes. Whether you are looking to create a custom kitchen design to suit your family or hoping to upgrade your kitchen for resale value, lighting is an important aspect of your remodel. At New Life Bath and Kitchen, we are ready to give you the basics on kitchen lighting so that your list of kitchen remodeling ideas will be complete.


General Lighting

This is also known as ambient lighting. It refers to the basic lights in your kitchen; your must-have lighting. These are the lights that allow you to see your kitchen and move around. They are functional, but not necessarily decorative. Recessed lights in the ceiling are your best option for general lighting in almost any size kitchen. Many older homes may just have one overhead fixture as general lighting, but adding recessed ceiling lights will make a big difference in the overall mood of the room. Upgrading your lighting will not add too much to the cost of kitchen renovations, either.

Task Lighting

Task lighting, as the name suggests, is additional lighting in your kitchen that allows you more concentrated brightness for particular tasks. You can choose the best places for task lighting in your kitchen. Once you have your general lighting in place, you may need more light over your cooktop, cutting board areas or above your kitchen sink. This will all depend on your general lighting, the areas you use most, and any natural light in your kitchen.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting may be the most fun to select for your kitchen. Now that you have your general and task lighting all planned out, accent lighting is purely decorative. Soft light can highlight your new, beautiful backsplash. Accent lights can also come in the form of a chandelier or vintage pendants over a custom kitchen island. This is your kitchen lighting that you can have fun with. Use this opportunity to add some built-in decor and character to your kitchen.

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