Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Eco-friendly design has come a long way in the last several years. While some may have considered these designs to be great for the environment, but bad for design, their opinions have most likely changed by now.

Whether your kitchen remodeling ideas involve a big renovation or just getting some new appliances and countertops, here are a few ways to incorporate more eco-friendly designs:

Save Energy

Even the most basic kitchen renovation usually involves new appliances. There is good reason for that, too. As technology has advanced, our appliances have become more efficient, allowing them to use less power, which is good for your monthly bills. While on the front end you may pay a bit more for these appliances, the payback is worth it.

When you are designing your kitchen lighting, keep LED lights in mind. They last much longer than traditional light bulbs and without all the wattage.


Using sustainable materials in your kitchen is easier and more stylish than you may think. When you are ready to choose your countertops, think beyond your typical granite and research other materials like recycled glass or salvaged wood. Just about any material can be treated and used for kitchen countertops, so think outside of the box. Glass countertops can be made from many different colors, creating a beautiful warm look for your kitchen. Salvaged wood can be treated to last in your kitchen and create that farmhouse look you’ve been wanting.

If you really want to get in on the design, your custom kitchen island is a great place to start. Consider heading out to a flea market and finding a cool dresser or table that can be repurposed into a custom kitchen island. Not only will this decrease your kitchen renovation costs, your island will have its own unique story. You can reface kitchen cabinets in order to save money and resources as well. Refacing cabinets keeps your existing cabinets in place while updating or replacing your doors.

Whether you have never even recycled a can or you compost after every meal, environmentally friendly design is something you should consider for your kitchen remodel. Another way to stay green? Keeping it local. If you are in the Central Coast area, contact us at New Life Bath and Kitchen to help design your eco-friendly kitchen remodel.