Top Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Ideas for painting kitchen cabinets can be found all over your favorite design websites and in any home magazine. If you are ready for a fresh new look in your kitchen, but the cost of kitchen renovations are out of your current budget, hiring a painting contractor is the perfect solution.

As with any room in your home, paint is the quickest, most cost effective, and dramatic tool we have to transform a space. The same is true for your kitchen. Whether you want to paint every cabinet, or just paint the cabinets on your kitchen island, the sky’s the limit when it comes to color.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Yellow is a common color for kitchens. Find inspiration in your food. You can choose a yellow that is soft and buttery, a pale pastel, or a brighter shade like a lemon. Yellows look great with stainless steel appliances and dark wood floors.


Blues are a wonderful color to choose for kitchens because the options are endless. Navy and dark blues with hints of gray will create a more dramatic look. Pale blue or teal kitchen cabinets can give a beachside look in your home. Vivid blues (picture the gorgeous roofs on the Santorini) will make a bold statement allowing your cabinets to be the focal point of your kitchen.


Green kitchen cabinets often make us think of a quaint cottage. If you love the cottage look of white cabinets, but are craving more color, green is the way to go. Mint green, pastels, and even bolder greens make an inviting atmosphere out of any kitchen.


Neutrals will never be out of style when it comes to house painting. Gray kitchen cabinets and white trim are a classic and stylish look that will work in just about any home. Using neutral paint colors on your kitchen cabinets allows you to use colorful accents in the rest of the kitchen. Bring in colors and patterns with plates on open shelves or fun fabric on your breakfast table chairs.

Consider the kitchen cabinets to be the furniture of your kitchen. You will look at them every time you enter the room, so choose a color that creates the feeling you want. Do you want to feel calm and at ease, or energized? Painting kitchen cabinets can be a big project and choosing the right colors may take some guidance. New Life Bath and Kitchen in Santa Maria is ready to help you with all of these big decisions.