Specialized Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

Whether your kitchen is large, small, opens to a breakfast nook, or has a galley layout, you want to maximize your storage space. When it comes to the cost of kitchen renovations, it’s easy to get caught up oohing and ahhing over granite and backsplash tile. While those things are fun to choose and are certainly key components of your kitchen remodel, custom kitchen cabinets with proper storage are just as important.

Before you get started on your custom kitchen designs, spend some time thinking through what your ideal kitchen would look like. Each time you make a meal, think about the type of storage that would make the most sense for your lifestyle. Maybe you want a custom kitchen island for chopping and prepping or better storage for pots and pans. The important thing is to customize your kitchen to fit your everyday life.

Here are few of our favorite custom kitchen storage ideas to get you inspired.

  • Custom kitchen cabinets above the refrigerator

    • There can be so much wasted space in a kitchen, specifically that space above your refrigerator. Creating custom cabinets to hold rarely used appliances is a great use of space. Be sure the depth of the cabinets reaches out to the edge of your refrigerator to use all of the space allotted.

  • Floor to Ceiling Pantry

    • Floor to ceiling cabinets create the look of a larger room and higher ceilings. In addition to your basic cabinets, creating a floor to ceiling pantry maximizes your storage space. All of your cooking essentials can be easily accessible while you’re cooking. Creating one tall cabinet allows you to move shelves around to accommodate all of your pantry staples.

  • Pull out shelves

    • Pull out shelves for large but often used appliances will clear up your counter space. Nobody wants a counter stacked with a toaster, mixer, and panini press. For the appliances that you find yourself leaving on the counter for convenience, or using less often because they are stuffed in a cabinet somewhere, consider pull out shelves. These custom shelves will store these appliances and pull out and up when they are ready for use. Add in well-placed outlets, and you’ll find yourself whipping up your favorite meals and treats more often.

These are just a few of the kitchen remodeling ideas to think about when you are designing your custom kitchen cabinets. New Life Bath and Kitchen can turn your dreams into a reality. Check out our portfolio of custom kitchens from Santa Maria, Nipomo and more from the Central Coast area. Then request a free estimate to get started on your own custom kitchen.