Selecting a Bathroom Sink to Fit Your Central California Home’s Needs

When you’re planning your bathroom remodel you want every element to be perfect. In a room where space tends to be at a premium you must pick each fixture with care. Finding that perfect balance of style and functionality can be tricky, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you select the perfect sink for your bathroom’s needs.

Finding Space in Your Bathroom

When we mention finding space in your bathroom, the first thought that probably comes to mind is creating a sense of openness. But there are actually three types of space we will consider in this article: visual, storage, and counter.

Visual Space

Visual space is that sense of openness we mentioned above. Pedestal or console sinks are great options for creating a feeling of visual space in small bathrooms where a standard vanity might feel cramped.

Storage Space

A vanity with plenty of drawers and cabinet space to store toiletries can provide your bathroom with this second type of space that is commonly sought after.

Counter Space

The need for counter space varies depending on your morning rituals. The number of people sharing a bathroom will also have an impact on your ideal amount of counter space. Will you need lots of space to spread out or is a spot for soap all you require?

Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Sink

The right sink for your bathroom will balance the three types of space to suit your particular needs. In certain situations there may seem to be no perfect option, short of knocking down a wall to expand your bathroom. But these issues can often be solved with a little creative thinking.

One of the most common dilemmas homeowner’s face is needing storage or counter space in a cramped bathroom. Finding the right balance of visual and storage or counter space becomes the priority.

A console sink with storage space underneath can be a great option for some bathrooms. The lower shelf is the perfect place to stack extra towels and washcloths or to place a basket or two for loose toiletries.

If additional counter space is needed a good solution can be to add a shelf above the sink.

Designing Your Central Coastal California Bathroom

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