Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Santa Maria Homes

Current bathrooms are built to be large, luxurious, and spa-like, but 30 years ago, they were rather compact. Bathrooms were really thought of as just a place to take your shower and use the facilities. While that can work, an older, smaller bathroom may need some upgrades. A new vanity with more storage or a standing shower with beautiful tile features can really go a long way in a small space. Even replacing a large vanity with a pedestal sink can make your small bathroom feel bigger.

If you’re ready for some updating but want to keep down the bathroom remodeling costs, there are some simple changes that can be made in a small bathroom without a huge demolition.

No wasted space

When you have a small space that has to serve big needs, it’s important to use all the space possible without overcrowding. One way to achieve this is with your bathroom vanity. Storage underneath your sink is crucial in a small bathroom. Think through the most important items you will need to store and how they will best be kept out of sight. Maybe you need drawers and shelving, or just some closed cabinets. If your current vanity needs some love, consider cabinet refacing rather than tearing down the vanity completely. Cabinet refacing will give new life to an old vanity.

If you don’t have room for a full vanity, a pedestal sink allows a smaller space to feel more open. Storage solutions can be found in other areas of the bathroom. New cabinets above the toilet or shelves on either side of the mirror are great solutions.

Illusion of space

If you can forego the bathtub, a low threshold shower will help make your bathroom look spacious. Shower designs with a low threshold help create long lines in a small room. Glass shower doors eliminate any additional visual barriers in the room and add to the feeling of more space.

Go bold with tile

Having a smaller space to remodel means that you can splurge a little on a shower tile design. Choose light tile colors and a design that can be carried into the tile floor. Using complementary colors will create the illusion of an open space. Pull one of the tile colors into the paint on the walls, and suddenly you’ll feel like you’ve arrived at a spa.

No matter the project, big or small, New Life Bath and Kitchen can see your Santa Maria, CA bathroom remodel through from beginning to end. Check out our portfolio and give us a call when you are ready to update your space.