Making the Most of Your Kitchen Remodel with Custom Cabinets

Are you ready to create the kitchen of your dreams? More than any other element cabinets define your kitchen’s decor and shape how you use the space. So how can you ensure that your cabinets are doing everything they possibly can for you?

Reasons to Love Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are best way to get that perfect blend of functionality and style. With almost endless choices in finish, facing, and interior organizers there is no limit to what you can create. (Websites like Houzz are a great resource for exploring a wide range of custom finishes and door styles.) Today we want to explore some of the creative and unique storage possibilities available when you forgo pre-made cabinetry and opt for custom.

A lot of times upper cabinets become the home of rarely used serving platters, expired canned goods, and forgotten appliances. If you have a small kitchen though, you really need to maximize every square inch of available space. Customized upper cabinets and a library ladder turn those forgotten top shelves into a functional and easily accessible part of your kitchen.

Can you ever really have enough counter space? A pull-out cutting board is a great way to free up precious space. We especially love incorporating a pull-out trash can in the space under the cutting board to make disposing of food scraps a quick and clean job.

Storing pans and baking sheets flat in a drawer wastes a lot of space and searching through the stack for the one item you need can be a pain. We love designing drawers or cabinets that allow you to store these awkward but necessary items on end.

Cooking utensils, like pans and baking sheets, can be another source of clutter and frustration in a kitchen. Storing them in canisters on the counter is always an option, but that takes up valuable counter space and turns lesser used utensils into dust magnets. Custom drawers with built-in canisters or dividers are a great way to combat utensil clutter.

Are you ready to learn more about how custom cabinets can transform the look and functionality of your kitchen? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and be sure to look at our portfolio to see our examples of our work!