Designing an Eclectic Bathroom in Your Santa Maria Home

There is plenty to love in a more traditional bathroom. It is a timeless, classic look that ages beautifully. But when it comes to decorating there is no one size fits all style. For those of you who like something a little different than the ordinary you’re in luck! Today we are looking at ways to capture an eclectic style in your bathroom.

Elements of an Eclectic Bathroom

Before we start looking at specific design elements, let’s take a step back to understand what it means to have an eclectic style. In the design world something is considered eclectic if it develops from a wide range of sources or styles.

Its incredible flexibility and the sense of fun or casualness it can inject in a space are just a few of the reasons eclecticism is such a popular style. If your decor tends towards more traditional, you can add elements from French country, modern, art deco, or any number of other styles to liven up your space.

Now that you know why you might want to adopt an eclectic design in your Santa Maria home, let’s explore some the great ways you can get this look in your bathroom.

Mixing Textures

Think bathrooms need to be all smooth surfaces? Think again! The rough brick, smooth tile, warm grain of the wooden console, and matte metal of the sink basin work together to create an interesting mixture of textures that gives this bathroom plenty of character.

Mixing Patterns

Right after mixing texture comes combining patterns. Tile is a great place to explore mixing patterns. If this feels intimidating, sticking to a single color family is an almost foolproof to dip your toes in the world of mixing and matching patterns.

Add a Whimsical Touch

One of the reasons decorators and homeowners love eclectic decor is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Maybe you would rather not look a giant pelican in the eye every time you step into the shower, but there are plenty of other ways to add a touch of the unexpected to your space. Add a vintage chandelier, an oversized plant, or a gallery wall that will make people take a second look.

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