How to Remodel Your Kitchen for Resale

how to remodel your kitchen for resale

When you're planning a kitchen remodel for resale, you need to leave your personality at the door. That's because you want the kitchen to appeal to as many people as possible; not just to people like you. Make decisions that will appeal to the majority of people, and you'll have more success.

Why should you even remodel your kitchen for resale? Because the kitchen may make or break the sale. But don't go crazy on the remodel. Make cost-effective decisions because you won't get a great return on your investment if you break the bank creating a gourmet kitchen. It's better to make changes in these key areas:

Simple Style Scheme

As mentioned above, your personality shouldn't be reflected in the final kitchen remodel. Choose a simple style scheme that will appeal to a wide variety of people. Go with neutral cabinets, floors, backsplashes, countertops, and appliances that go together well. 

Skip the High-End Features

People have different ideas of luxury, and different opinions of what they can live with -- and without. Don't worry about the WiFi fridge. When buying appliances, think quality and attractiveness. Most importantly, the appliances need to match.

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have been the floor plan of choice for a while now, and they continue to be desirable. If your kitchen floor plan is dated and closed off, knock down some walls to let the space easily move into the next space (as long as this keeps you within budget).


When it comes to countertops, think granite, granite, granite. As the most popular countertop material, granite will appeal to more people -- no matter the style and size of your kitchen.


Flooring doesn't add as much value as you might think. However, old, vinyl flooring is one of the quickest ways to get a potential homebuyer to turn around and run. Wood flooring is the most popular choice of potential homebuyers. Save money (and effort) by installing floating wood flooring. It snaps together over your existing floor.

Cabinet Makeover

how to remodel your kitchen for resale

Replacing dated cabinets can cost thousands of dollars that you may never recoup. Instead, consider painting your existing cabinets. White is always a great, popular choice. You can do the job yourself to save money, or you can hire somebody to do it for a few hundred to 2,000 dollars.

You can also get a lot of mileage out of replacing your cabinet's hardware. Updated hardware in a style that works with your kitchen can make the space look really polished and put together.


Lighten up the kitchen with a fresh coat of light-colored paint. Not only will this give the whole room a sunny vibe, it will cover up kids' fingerprints and grease stains -- creating a fresh, new look. Grays, off-whites, and beiges are good choices.

Check the Lighting

A kitchen needs good lighting to be functional, and quality lighting also makes the space feel more welcome. Make sure you have enough overhead lighting, and especially make sure the fixtures are still in style. Add under-cabinet lighting for a "wow" factor that doesn't cost too much.

For resale, use the above suggestions, but also take a good look at your kitchen to determine where your money will make the biggest impact. 

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