Bathroom Layout Tips

bathroom layout tips

If you're thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you may have thought about new light fixtures, an updated vanity, and your new color scheme. You may have thought about adding a tub, or removing a tub and expanding your shower. But make sure you also give some serious thought to the layout of the bathroom. The way you choose to use your square footage will make a difference in how you function in, and how you enjoy, the room.

Think: Function First

If your bathroom isn't functional, it really doesn't matter how beautiful your color scheme coordinates with the adjoining bedroom or hallway. Make sure your bathroom functions smoothly with these tips. (Keep in mind that your remodel cost will be less if you're able to keep plumbing where it already is.)

Vanity: Do you want two sinks or one? It's often seen as a given that you should have two sinks in a master bathroom. However, think of how you use the space. Would you be better off with more counter space instead? Do you have a bathroom that is shared by multiple children that could benefit from two sinks?

Shower and/or Tub: How often do you take full baths? It may be time to eliminate the Jacuzzi tub, and opt for a shower/tub combo. If you're remodeling your master bathroom, a current trend is to get rid of the tub and instead use the space for a feature shower. These are typically bigger than the normal shower, and more accommodating with built-in seats. They also feature luxury upgrades in the fixtures.

Toilet: You may think that not much needs to be said about the toilet, but take a minute to think about its placement. You absolutely don't want your toilet to take center stage in your bathroom. Tuck it behind the entry door, place it next to the vanity, or even put it in its own separate room. Just don't make it the focal point of the room.


No matter how much space you have (or don't have), you need to create a layout that gives you enough room to get around the door, get undressed or dressed, and get dried off after a shower. In addition, think of wet zones and dry zones, and try and keep those separate so you don't make the entire bathroom wet. You can also install dividing walls to keep different zones separate.

Don't Forget Safety

Some simple upgrades can be done to ensure your bathroom is a safer space. Install non-slip flooring, for starters. In addition, grab bars are helpful in a bathroom, no matter who uses the space. You can find attractive bars that also work as a place to hang towels. Consider lighting, and make sure you have enough of it to keep the area safe. (Natural lighting is always an extra bonus!)


Be strategic when you plan your storage. First, consider how your bathroom is used -- and by whom. Will you have several people who need to store personal items in their own spaces? Do you need to keep all your towels in the bathroom, or do you have a separate linen closet? Plan your storage only after you've thought about what actually needs to be stored in the bathroom. 


There are plenty of ways to express your style in your bathroom, no matter the layout. Have fun with light fixtures, niches for storage, flooring, shower tile, and more. Make the space beautiful, and you'll always feel pampered -- even at home.

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