Can I Use Marble in My Kitchen? Will It Stain?

Marble is an elegant and comely material that makes a statement wherever it appears, but many homeowners are afraid to use it because they have heard it is difficult to care for and protect. There are all kinds of rumors and myths out there, and you always wonder who you can trust. So, can you use marble in your kitchen? Does marble stain?

In a word, yes. You can use marble in your kitchen, but there are some characteristics you should know about it, so that you know how to take care of your marble countertops, and you know what to expect.

Marble is made up of calcium carbonate, which is very susceptible to acids of any kind. Even spray from cutting a citrus fruit can cause etching on the surface. Those who love marble countertops sometimes call this etching a “patina” and they look forward to the well-loved, well-used look it creates. To protect the life and look of the surface, make sure to use only mild soaps, and never any abrasives, when you clean marble countertops.

Another characteristic of marble is that it can be damaged by contact with extreme heat. Never set your pots or pans on the countertop when you remove them from the stove or oven.

Marble can be scratched, so it is much better to use a cutting board than to use the countertop as a chopping surface.

Countertops made of marble should be periodically sealed using an appropriate product made for natural stone. One treatment every six months is a small cost to pay for a beautiful countertop. Caring for it in this way will keep it from absorbing spills and suffering permanent stains. Nevertheless, it is wise to clean up spills reasonably quickly.

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