A Fantastic Bathroom Remodel in Nipomo, CA

Some bathroom remodels are basically the equivalent of putting on new makeup. You make minor color changes and small adjustments to make everything look fresh and up-to-date. Other remodels, however, are more like major plastic surgery; by the time the remodelers are finished with their work, you can hardly tell it’s the same person--I mean bathroom--that they started with! This bathroom remodeling project in Nipomo fits into the second category. In fact, even this bathroom’s best friends hardly recognize it these days!

Structural Changes in a Major Bathroom Remodel

We began by removing the garden tub and standup shower. The area previously taken up by these items was opened up, which included taking out an interior wall. The tub surround and the shower tile were all stripped out, leaving a large, bare area for us to begin recreating in. The plumbing which was previously in the center of this area was moved to another wall for the new showerhead location.

Before we could begin rebuilding beautiful new surfaces, we needed to install the low-threshold shower pan. Instead of closing the shower area in with a solid wall, we installed a partial wall made of wavy glass blocks. Some of the other structural details included building a bench at the foot of the shower area, a wall nook in the soaking area, and a small corner seat in the shower corner.

Some of the last details of structural changes involved replacing the lighting and repairing the drywall where we made changes to the floor plan.

Cosmetic Changes to Complete the Bath Remodel

We definitely needed to upgrade the shower fixtures in this new walk-in shower. A stylish soaking head high on the wall is complemented by a secondary shower head on a moveable arm.

The most obvious cosmetic difference in the new shower is the tile and stone work. A natural round-stone floor evokes an outdoor feel, while the horizontal and vertical tile patterns on the walls bring a modern, chic appearance. The curbless shower entry has a simple transition piece that separates the shower from the tile floor.

The windows in the shower area are accented with new interior trim. The homeowners have done a nice job accenting all the stone with some indoor potted plant that soften the look.

Our bathroom remodeling teams agree that this is one of our favorite projects ever. It certainly gave us a great chance to put our skills to good use!

Central Coast Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

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