Do I Need a Vent over My Cooktop Range?

Everyone's preferences are different, both in terms of cooking and visual aesthetics. Also, kitchens vary in terms of size and features. This means that some questions will be hard to answer. The issue of whether you need a vent over your cooktop or stove is one of those questions. Frankly, most people will say yes, and there are a number of good reasons for doing so. But no, it is not an absolute necessity.

If you are going to install a vent hood in your kitchen, the best time to do this is during a kitchen remodel, since you are already removing cabinets and the kitchen is not in use. But even if you are only upgrading appliances and not doing a full remodel, it's good to think about the venting issue.

Why Should I Install a Range Vent in my Kitchen?

1. Odors from cooking are wonderful at the time (when things are going right), but who wants to smell bacon or fish or garlic hours after the meal? Installing a vented hood over your range will draw the odors out of the house, so that the air in your home will be fresher.

2. Grease doesn't just splatter and spill; it also wafts into the air and coats your ceiling and cabinets. If you want to reduce the amount of cleaning and de-greasing you'll need to do, a vent is a good way to go. This is especially the case if you do a lot of frying.

3. Steam also tends to be a frequent byproduct of cooking. While we don't typically have humidity and moisture issues here on the central coast, some people prefer to vent their steam rather than keep it in the kitchen.

4. Gas ranges are not a big deal in terms of hazardous byproducts or fumes in a normal residential setting. Nevertheless, some homeowners are more comfortable running a vent hood over their gas ranges.

5. Codes in some areas are different than others. You will probably want to consult your local authorities to see if vent hoods are required before you decide not to install one during your kitchen renovation.

What Kind of Vent Hood Should I Get When I Remodel my Kitchen?

Although some people like the aesthetics of a downdraft ventilation system, it tends to have problems. They can draw the heat away from what you are trying to cook, making it take longer and use more energy, and they are not as effective at removing the steam and odors and you might hope.

Some vents simply filter the air and circulate it back into the kitchen. These vent hoods are cheap and easy to install, but they do not have the same effectiveness at removing the unwanted substances from your air.

For best results, an overhead vent hood with an exterior venting system is your best choice. During a full kitchen remodel, it is easy to install this as part of the process. But even if you are not remodeling the kitchen cabinets, a good contractor can install a venting hood with excellent results.

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