Should I Install a Solid-Surface Shower Surround?

Some questions have no obvious right-or-wrong answer, since it depends on the personal tastes and preferences of the people involved. So when homeowners ask us, “Should I Install a Solid-Surface Shower Surround?” we can’t give a simple yes-or-no response. Instead, it is better to look at the advantages of each option, and let the homeowner decide. Solid surface tub and shower surrounds have some nice advantages, but tile definitely does as well.

What Are the Advantages of Solid-Surface Tub/Shower Surrounds?

  • More reliable waterproofing at joints, so there is almost no possibility of leaks
  • Easy to clean (no grout)
  • Variety of classy designs
  • Matching soap caddies often come included with system
  • Easy and quick to install

What Are the Advantages of Tile for Tubs and Showers?

  • A more earthy, natural feel
  • More color options and possibilities for custom designs

Are Solid-Surface Shower Surrounds More Expensive than Tile?

If you are going to do the project yourself, tile is likely to be a cheaper option than a solid-surface tub surround. This is simply because the tiles and grout are usually less expensive than the high-quality tub surrounds. If you are going to have a professional remodeling company do the project, however, the price will end up more even between the two options. This is because the labor for tile will be much more extensive, and therefore expensive, bringing the two prices much closer to each other.

A Compromise

For showers, one good compromise is to choose a solid-surface drain pan for the base of your shower, but then tile the walls (and possibly ceiling). This gives you an easy-clean, leak-proof base to the shower, with the natural and inexpensive tile on the walls. In the case of tubs, most people use solid surface tubs and not tile, so the “compromise” choice is an obvious one.

Installing Solid-Surface Shower Surrounds in the Central Coast Region

New Life Bath & Kitchen specializes in all kinds of bathroom and shower remodels. We install both solid-surface and tile surrounds for bathroom projects, making sure that whichever one you choose, you will be delighted with the look and the quality. If you contact us for a free estimate, we can give you the relative prices of solid-surface surrounds and tile surrounds for your bath and or shower.