Kitchen Cabinet Solutions: Corner Drawers

Have you ever been planning a certain recipe, when you realized that the appliance or ingredient you needed was in the back of a bottom corner cabinet? Down you go, on your hands and knees, reaching so far back that even your head is in the cabinet... or did you just decide on a different recipe instead?! Of all the spaces in the kitchen, the lower corner cabinets are the biggest pain to use. Thank goodness, there is a solution: the corner drawer!

Before the corner drawer, the only reasonable solution for corner cabinets was a lazy suzan. While fairly convenient, and definitely a step up from the full-body-cabinet-insertion-appliance-retrieval option, the lazy suzan still requires you to get down on your hands and knees to find the item you seek.

Corner drawers redeem this cabinet space so that you no longer have to peer in on your hands and knees, nor even bend far over. Allowing you to make the best use of your lower corner cabinets, these drawers create a storage space that is utterly easy to reach and perfectly open to view. In addition, corner cabinets are attractive and unique, just beginning to make their appearance in sophisticated kitchens across the Central Coast region.

When you are ready to stop breaking your back and scrounging in the nether-reaches of your corner cabinets, contact New Life Bath & Kitchen to reconfigure your cabinets. As part of a larger kitchen remodel or cabinet renovation, the corner drawer is an easy, inexpensive change that makes a large improvement in the function of your kitchen.

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