Bathroom Tile Trends and Ideas

If you’ve ever owned a bathroom floor made of plain white tiles, you’ve probably wished, at one point or another, to do violence against the person who invented them—probably when you were cleaning! Fortunately, there are many exciting new trends in bathroom tile, from cozy and traditional to modern and minimal. Additionally, bathroom tile replacement is one of the cheapest and fastest bathroom remodeling options available.

Large Tiles             

The days of small tiles are coming to an end—at least the days of all tiles being small. Most bathroom remodels now use large tiles (12x12 or bigger). This is not only easier to install; it also creates a less busy, more settled and solid feel. Additionally, non-square tiles are becoming popular as well. Generally, this means rectangles (imagine the headache of trapezoidal or ovular tiles!).

Contrast Tiles

One classy trend appearing in many Central Coast bathrooms is a horizontal stripe of accent tiles. This is often made using tiles that appear to be made up of hundreds of small squares or rectangles in a contrasting color. This brings more visual interest and individuality to the room, making it feel less institutional and boxy. If a horizontal band does not fit, another option is an accent area or square.

Earth Tones and Bright Contrasts

White tiles are taking a long-needed rest, and earth tones are taking their place. Off-white is the brightest, mildest variety, while tan and light brown are also common. Grays and stone colors also look great. For added interest, many bathrooms also use bright, vivid colors as a contrast or accent, in some kind of pattern, design or stripe.

One great way to get bathroom tile ideas is by browsing Houzz, where thousands of pictures are available for your perusal, focusing on any part of the home.

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