Space Savings: Storage Solutions for Kitchen Cabinets

There are so many fun and exciting accessories to add to your kitchen when completing a kitchen remodel. Since the cabinets are usually the biggest feature of a kitchen, it’s important that they stay true to themselves and perform to their highest efficiency and functionality. With today’s trends, cabinetry storage is a dream come true to many and there are endless items that can be added to your new kitchen cabinets.

The most popular storage accessory on today’s market is the roll-out tray. Instead of getting down on your hands and knees and reaching far in the back of your cabinet shelf to get a heavy cooking pan, they have created trays in place of the shelves that pull-out so you don’t have to reach into that black hole and strain a muscle in the process. These are great for all ages and make life that much easier. They are found in base cabinets as well as in pantry cabinets.

Another popular item is having a trash bin pullout in a cabinet. Most people don’t have the luxury of having free space in a cabinet to store a trash can, and therefore have to store one outside the cabinets in the kitchen for all to see. Now they offer a cabinet with a trash bin inside and they sometimes even have two! (One for trash and one for recycling). This is a great way for families to stay neat and “green.”

Many people usually store their dishware, like dinner plates and bowls, in the upper kitchen cabinets because I’m sure it seems like the only efficient way to store them. But one of my favorite new storage solutions is the drawer peg system. This allows you to store your dishes in deep drawers and place wooden pegs in selective holes depending on the space needed for certain dishes. This prevents the dishes from moving when opening and closing the drawer, and it also keeps them at a relatively simple arms length.

Since having deep drawers in your kitchen is one of the newer trends, having an efficient way of storing the contents seems very important. Having deep drawers may seem like you can just throw in any and all of the things lying around your kitchen and call it good. But keeping organized and orderly makes life that much easier. 

Two-tiered cutlery drawers are amazing space-savers and great organizers! 

Knife block inserts are also a great way to get all utensils off the countertops. Drawers have the capacity to hold a substantial amount of items so why not dress them up with accessories!

Everyone usually spices and staple items like oils and sauces when they cook, so why not have the perfect storage space for them. Instead of opening an upper cabinet door and pulling the items off the shelves until you finally find the one container of Italian seasoning sitting way in the back; how about pulling out a narrow cabinet with shelving to house all the small bottles and containers of cooking oils and spices. These are also great storage units for those hard to fill areas in a kitchen design.

Check out Rev-A-Shelf cabinet accessories as they offer storage solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, office and tons of other spaces in your home.

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