Simple Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen

Here are 8 simple ways to add spice to your kitchen. These helpful tips are quick, easy to do and very affordable.

1. Create your own Framed Art

Get creative and become the curator of a new kitchen collection. Try framing vintage recipe pamphlets, or remove pages from old paperback art books. Frame your findings with inexpensive frames that are unique in themselves. Having miss-matched picture frames bring character to the room.

2. Switch Out Old Hardware for New

The age of a kitchen is usually exposed in its details. Update your tired, old hardware with new stylish handles or pulls. Choose a finish the matches the existing exposed hinges to achieve a pulled-together look. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, so select what updates your kitchen but fits with the character of the existing space.

3. Add Decorative Window Treatments

Rethinking window treatments can give a kitchen a new attitude with minimal effort and cost. If your curtains complement the wall color, try hanging a contrasting hue or a fun pattern or even play with texture.  And if you can’t afford to toss out your old curtains, try adding rows of pom-pom trim, rickrack or grosgrain ribbon.

4. Display the Unexpected

Unexpected syle may be hidden in your own kitchen cabinets. Consider the gorgeous platter that comes out only for the holidays – wouldn’t it look great displayed on the wall? Vintage egg beaters, pancake flippers and even cookie cutters can be hung in attractive arrangments. Keep your eyes open for these treasures at yard sales and antique shops.  

5. Update the Character of your Cabinets

Revive your dated cabinets by simply painting or wallpapering their front panels. With a recessed panel door, adding wallpaper or a hand-painted design in the center area of the door will bring a very original style to your kitchen. Perhaps only do this to a few doors as accents. This could even be a replacement for glass cabinets.

6. Stylish Countertop Containers

Hiding kitchen staples and concealing clutter are two of the easiest opportunities to launch a successful decorating coup. Think outside the box and consider using bathroom or office storage instead of the usual kitchen container offerings.

7. Bring Potted Plants Indoors

Liven up your kitchen instantly with a splash of color from pots of bright flowers and leafy plants. If you need some extra sill space, simply install a couple of window shelves, created from painted boards and attractive brackets. Choose your favorite fragrant herbs that do double duty as fresh ingredients and natural accents.

8. Put Color on your Kitchen Walls

Afraid of changing your drab white kitchen walls? Instead of choosing rich, deep colors for your first project, you will likely feel more comfortable with a neutral beige or gray-toned walls. These colors won’t date the room and will prevent you from possibly getting tired of a more drastic color palette.