When Is the Best Time to Remodel Your San Luis Obispo Kitchen?


When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there is no magical best time to get it done. In fact, the best time to remodel your kitchen is really whenever it's best for you -- when you have the funds and the time. That being said, there are certainly times of the year when your project can go quicker, and possibly for even less money. Understanding the trends is in your best interest. Strategic planning, and maybe a little adjusting, can help you pick the best time for you to remodel your kitchen.

Materials and Supplies

It's important to understand supply and demand when it comes to kitchen remodeling materials. Supplies are in greater demand during the warmer months, which means you can expect prices to be a bit higher. Not only that, shipping can take longer. And the likelihood that shipments will get mixed up is higher when multiple contractors are placing multiple orders with supply companies.

Keep in mind that shipping can also take longer for remodeling projects during the holidays, adding extra days to a project that takes place from November to December.

Because kitchen remodeling slows down in the winter months, manufacturer's sales also slow down -- meaning this is often a good time to buy materials because retailers will lower prices to entice sales.


Contractors' Busy Times

Work fluctuates for contractors throughout the year. There are busy times when you might be put on a wait list, and there are slow times when the contractor can begin right away. Because of this, it's sometimes advantageous for you to choose a time that is slightly off season. Trying to schedule for a month or two before or after everyone else will be clamoring for a kitchen remodel might be a good option for you. Indoor work, like bath or kitchen remodeling, is typically busy during the summer months.

January to March

These cold months are a good time for interior remodeling projects, like a kitchen. If you're planning on adding onto your kitchen, this is an especially good time because the frozen ground and dry air make better conditions for digging foundations and pouring concrete. Muddy and humid conditions at different times of the year aren't so ideal. Getting this part taken care of before the rainy spring months is a great idea.

April to June

This is a busy time for contractors, and the cost of materials often goes up. You may have a harder time finding a contractor with time in their schedule, but that doesn't mean you should give up all hope. These months are also a good time to work indoors.

best time to remodel your kitchen

July to September

Outdoor work often gets put on hold during the sweltering days of summer in favor of indoor remodeling work, like kitchens. 

October to December

Most people want their homes ready for the holidays, and tend to put off any remodeling projects once November hits. This is a slow time for contractors. If you can handle the holidays with contractors in your kitchen, this isn't a bad time to get your kitchen remodeling project done. After all, one holiday season that may be slightly less convenient could be worth many, many future holiday seasons nestled in your dream kitchen.

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