Walk-In Shower vs. Bathtub

A combination of a stall shower and deep, jacuzzi-style tub used to be the ideal blend of function and luxury in bathroom remodels. The shower served the practical, day-to-day needs, while the bathtub was reserved for long, relaxing soaks at the end of a hard week. But these days we’re seeing a shift in what homeowners want for their master bathrooms. Fewer and fewer people are having a deep tub installed, or are having their bathtub removed altogether, and are opting for large, walk-in showers.

Why Should You Consider A Walk-In Shower?

If you live for your evening bath, there’s probably good reason to hold onto your tub. For those of you who only take a soak in the bathtub occasionally, though, a walk-in shower might offer perks that make it worth the change.

  • Customized Look - Most bathtubs look about the same. Unless you splurge on something really spectacular one jacuzzi-style tub will look very similar to another. However, walk-in showers are almost endlessly customizable with so many different tile combinations available.

  • Space - A large bathtub has a big footprint to match. A spacious walk-in shower is still a more efficient use of square footage than a large tub and becomes even more space-friendly when it replaces the classic tub and stall pairing.

  • Conserves Water - Jacuzzi tubs take a lot of water to fill up. Efficient shower heads will have to saving water even if your spend a few extra minutes enjoying your luxurious, new shower.

  • Safety - Many newer showers have low- or no-thresholds which makes them a lot safer for entering and exiting than a large bathtub. If you or someone in your household has a mobility issue, a walk-in shower will be much safer and more enjoyable to use.

Features of a Walk-In Shower

One of the great things about walk-in showers is that you get to design yours from the floor up. This means not only do you get to pick elements like the tile and light, but you can also incorporate features such as dual shower heads or a rainfall shower head. Other great options that homeowners enjoy are built-in benches for extended relaxing and programmable steam showers. Who needs a bath when you have a sauna in your home?

Yet another perk of going with a walk-in shower is that they are much easier to clean than jacuzzi tubs. Jets can become clogged and are difficult to clean, but a walk-in shower is a simple wipe down away from being clean and ready for use.

Your Perfect Shower

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