Stunning Kitchen Cabinet Details You'll Want to Copy

Creativity knows no bounds, and the kitchen is no exception. Kitchen cabinets can be customized and detailed in countless ways that make the space unique -- and completely your own. We love these ideas that add an extra touch -- and a whole lot of personality -- to these beautiful kitchens. Which kitchen cabinet details would take your kitchen to the next level?

X Design

Replacing cabinet fronts with glass is a stylish way to add interest to your kitchen. It gives the eye something to linger on, allows you to display eye-catching kitchen items, and even opens up the space. We love the extra detail of adding an X design to the glass. It looks sharp and sophisticated.

Copper or Brass Drawer Pulls

Warm tones are back in kitchen style features, but with a modern kick. Brass and copper work in the kitchen, in both shiny and rose-gold finishes. These dark shaker cabinets look stunning with the pop of rose copper handles.

Metal Mesh Inserts

Love the idea of visually opening up the cabinets, but don't want to commit to transparent glass? Metal mesh inserts give you that open feel without exposing everything. This works well in all styles -- from traditional to contemporary.


Serious cooking happens in steel kitchens. Steel brings an industrial look to your kitchen, and that can be appealing to many people. It looks clean and neat while also saying it's ready for whatever you're about to throw at it. We've all loved the look of stainless steel appliances, but the material can transfer nicely to cabinets as well. 

Is the whole kitchen too much for you? Consider a well-placed steel cabinet or drawer to add visual interest to the kitchen.

The Furniture Leg Look

Adding custom millwork made to look like legs adds a furniture-like element to your kitchen cabinets. The look is great on an island and other areas of the kitchen, but we're intrigued by this example that uses this beautiful millwork to combine both style and function. The carved, decorative leg pulls out to reveal handy storage.

Exposed Hinges

No need to hide those cabinet hinges. When done right, exposed hinges can give your kitchen a high-impact, visually interesting look. In the example above, you can't help but turn your eye to the exposed hinges that complement the beautiful woodwork.


Corbels can be added to your kitchen island for an extra measure of elegance. You can go ornate or plain and simple -- whatever suits the style of your kitchen. Whatever style you choose, however, corbels give your kitchen sophistication.

Barn-Style Doors

We're all loving the barn-style door for interior doors these days. But what about putting that style onto your cabinets? This is a great space-saving solution for small kitchens, and it screams stylish for all kitchens. It gives you a bit of the popular open-shelf look, while keeping things tidy with a cabinet door. And the barn-style cabinet door works for any style of kitchen.

Contrasting Cabinetry

Who says all cabinets need to be the same color and material? Contrasting cabinetry is a trend that's picking up speed. Mix styles and colors that complement each other for a strong look in your kitchen. Or you can use opposite styles for strong contrast that wows.

What cabinet details do you have in mind for your kitchen? We can help make them a reality. Give us a call at (805) 639-5433, or contact us online for an estimate.