Kitchen Remodel Walkthrough in Orcutt, CA

Video Transcription

So what does a $40,000 plus kitchen look like that's luxurious, smart and added square footage too? Let's take a look. 
Alexa turn on the kitchen lights. 
So, when the customer contacted us a couple months ago, they said they wanted to really open up this kitchen. Peninsula was moved over this way a couple feet, and this was really a pivot kitchen, really tiny, really small. So what we did is we moved the peninsula that way, a couple feet, and it really worked out well. 
What I would say is my favorite part about this kitchen is how much we opened it up and also the coffee bar but we'll explain...I'll get more detail about what the coffee bar was all about in a second, but what the customer really wanted to do was go from a dark kitchen to more of a light kitchen. And so, as you can see, the countertop starting with these quartz countertops, you know, it looks like granite. It's not granite. You could see with the design, how much they've kind of replicated the way it looks now. And so, I really liked the fact on how they went to the light countertops, that was really cool. Let me go ahead and just start this up a little bit, perfect. 
So yeah, so they went with the light countertops and the light cabinets. These used to be the standard oak cabinets. No longer like that anymore, now its white, these snow white cabinets. They added the polished nickel handles and doors. And then the 3 x 6, these subway tiles are really cool. This is a really classic look, traditional kitchen that you have going on right here, but it's really got these really modern feel to it because of the technology as well. 
You can see, we got these from Lighting Direct, these really cool pendants right here, very beautiful. The customer did an amazing job with the pendants, really proud of that. Moving on, they used to have the fluorescent lights right here, no longer. They added about seven lights, can lights in here, all LED, really, you know, saves you on your electrical bill every month. 
When I walked into the kitchen, really cool stuff. We got...we what we did is we connected the Insteon keypad and all their lighting technology with LEDs and connected to Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo is a really cool product that we're able to integrate into our kitchens now. They're all in the same ecosystem Insteon is. So if you're coming in in the middle of the night, you want to turn on the lights by voice activation, you can do that. 
What we also added was a sensor underneath the cabinets as well. So if you want to come into the kitchen, you know, say 2:00 in the morning because you need to get some water or something, really cool process. So you can set it between the times of 11:00 p.m. and, let's say, 6:30 p.m. So when you walk into the kitchen in the middle of the night, automatically the lights dim on. And you can set it to any percentage really, 40%, 60%. But right when you walk in during those times, lights come on. That's a really cool part about this kitchen. So when the customer said, "Hey, we want really a traditional kitchen but we want to add the technology," that's how we're able to do it. Really love the way that this all turned out. 
So we moved this over added, you know, 16 square feet right here. You could fit maybe three people in before, now you can fit, I don't know, 10, 15 people in here, if you really want it to be a party. What they did is they have these Kohler, you know, the sink and these faucets in the RO system, the water dispenser, so this is really cool because it's a dual basin but it's not a full dual basin. So if you wanna fill up one side, you can fill up one side just a little bit to soak if you want to soak any plates or anything, but you can still add the whole, you know, you could add a big pot, or a big pan in here, a big tray and still wash and have that room. This thing is massive in here, really cool. And so you got the grate, so you don't chip. They went with the white instead of maybe the stainless steel, but that's a really cool thing. 
You could see they got Maytag on all the appliances, stainless steel appliances, really awesome deal. They have the dual ovens right here so, you know, if you want to do some quick, you can do it on the top. Fills up really quick, I mean, warms up really quick. But on Thanksgiving, if you still want to do the ham, the turkey, the anything, you could still do it, it's big enough down there to fit it and also do cookies made for dessert. Really cool options right here.
They wanted to add a little bit of music, that's also Sonos that's controlled by the Echo or by the Insteon app. Sonos is a really cool hi-fi system that we've been putting in people's houses. The music is really cool. You could play it in multiple rooms. And, you know, I really…I thoroughly love the way it sounds. I think it's really cool. You can have it playing in multiple rooms or you can break it off, room to room. Sonos is a really cool product. 
Moving on to this side of the kitchen. So we pushed that back and we also moved the refrigerator from right here to right here. We had a heating unit that was right here and we put it right up into the attic. We were able to gain, you know, actually more like four or five feet this way. Used to be really small but what we did is we added a nice little…what you call a coffee station. If you look it up on Pinterest and you put coffee station in, you'll see different examples, this is one of my favorites right here. I think this is really cool. So, you know, you wake up, you turn on the coffee, you've got the, you know, this little...this Keurig makes tremendous coffee. 
So they went from the traditional subway tile but wanted to do something a little bit different on the backsplash on where the coffee station is. You can see it's gray, like it's got this sort of different grays that they have going on right there. Something to match the walls and the little insert right here which was Sherwin-Williams Intellectual Gray that they wanted to do on the walls. Really cool color and I think it really goes well with the countertops and everything going on in here. So, coffee station which is the customer's favorite part of the kitchen, just beautiful.
And all that, all the cabinets, all soft close drawers. You want to get a pot or a pan, you open it up and you could, you know, wake up in the morning and make a couple of eggs. They got a five-burner piece right here. So, really cool addition, having those the five burners right there, if you want to keep something kind of steady warm, put it right in the middle right there. 
Right above right here, this is... Most people have a china hutch. For this kitchen, the customer said, "I want to get rid of my hutch, we don't have a big dining room. Could you do something where you can display all the china and make it look beautiful?" And that's exactly what we did, so we bid [SP] all glass in here and put four lights that kind of display the china, its super awesome. It looks beautiful. When you put your china in there, beautifully displayed. There's enough room for two sets of china, if you have two sets china for maybe different holidays or seasons. 
So we got that there, we added the coffee station. We've got the soft close for all the cabinets. We got, you know, all these pull-out drawers, that, and also in the pantry as well. This pantry was…before, it was about this big. We were able to kind of push it back as far as we possibly could so we can add a little bit more. So we're able to get a lot of pantry space, a lot of food can fit in there. Everything's pull-out drawer. That's one of my really favorite parts. We also have a spice rack that we're able to add in here. So the spice rack's really cool. You don't have to put it in your pantry any more. You have this little slide-out drawer right here that you can do. We also have something you could put your baking sheets, your cutting boards underneath here, the nice little door. 
We put two lazy susans is in the corner, really awesome. I love these lazy susans. So you get in here, you want to reach something in the back, get a little container. You could, you know, after you're done cooking, you know, you just grab it and add it to here. Let it sit and cool for a little bit. That's a really cool...the lazy susan is really awesome. I think that's one of the really cool additions right there. So there's one on that side, and one on that side. 
So this is overall, this is, I mean, a beautiful kitchen. The customer is really raving about it, just absolutely loves the way that it kind of laid out. She says she spends a lot of time in this kitchen doing a lot of cooking. They have family over all the time, so having family over here, I mean, going from somewhere where it was just this, to something that's just so much bigger. I think it's just...I think it's awesome. 
One other thing that I wanted to add about this kitchen is some of these top trim pieces that they wanted to add as well, it looks like mini-crown molding up above. Just a really nice final touch with these cabinet doors. You know, these are all Showplace cabinets. Showplace makes a beautiful…they make beautiful cabinets. And, you know, it's got the nice factory finish. Sometimes when you get the factory finish, in California, sometimes it's...they can yellow over time or they could chip and ding. This factory finish, it's all baked on. So I mean, these aren't going to chip up. These are going to look great, and they're easy to wipe. They have a family, you know, a family with a 20-month old, so he's always splashing around and getting the cabinets dirty. She says all she has to do is just get a little nice a little damp towel, just wipe everything up and yeah.
So just a small recap, you know, extended it up, you know, added maybe 16 square feet right here. We moved up the heater unit into the attic, put the refrigerator in the corner, added the coffee station. Yeah, I mean the lighting, adding lighting, adding the smart technology to it, the Sonos, the Insteon, the Amazon Echo, beautiful Kohler dual basin. Plenty of lighting in here, it's very open, so it feels really roomy. The floors in here, these are Mohawk floors, these are waterproof flooring right here. This is really cool because it looks like real wood, real planks, but it's the luxury vinyl, the luxury vinyl is really awesome because it doesn't have that loud sound when you're walking on it. It's really dampening sound. So we really like the flooring in here and it's a great addition, the dark flooring that looks like wood against that lighter, the lighter cabinets just kind of puts a really nice, really nice touch to it. 
So give us a call at (805) 937-9836 or visit our website at And I'm Noah from New Life Bath & Kitchen. Thank you very much.