Mediterranean Inspired Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When you are ready to remodel any space in your Santa Monica, CA home, there are so many places to find inspiration. But if you want your master bathroom to truly feel like a vacation abroad, then look no further than the Mediterranean. If you currently don’t have plans to travel across the world in order to find ideas for bathroom remodeling, then we have the inspiration for you here from New Life Bath and Kitchen.

Check out some of the beautiful design features that you can add to your bathroom remodel. From shower tile design ideas to architectural details inspired by the coastal cities of the Mediterranean, your master bathroom is sure to feel like a faraway destination after a remodel by New Life Bath and Kitchen.

Whether you want a full renovation to experience a vacation at home, or you want to add a few Mediterranean touches to your current master bathroom, here are a few of the features you could include in your bathroom remodel:


Refacing cabinets and adding some color is a cost-effective way to start out your bathroom remodel. Whether you are considering an Italian style bathroom escape or a light and bright Greece inspired design, color is key. Since the main draw of the Mediterranean style is the feeling of the sea it evokes, bright sunny and ocean-inspired colors are often the backdrop in this type of bathroom remodel.

For a brighter feel, go with sunny oranges, bright whites, and turquoise. For a bathroom with a warmer tone, you can choose earthier hues like browns and rusty reds.


In order to create the Mediterranean style in your bathroom, you must have the proper tiles in your design scheme. For a warm tone bathroom with earthy colors, terracotta style tiles are best in your shower tile design and around your sink on the countertop or even as a backsplash.

Wall tile in bright mosaics will work best with a brightly colored bathroom remodel. Use bright, ornate tile in your shower tile design for an overall ocean-inspired feel.


In a truly Mediterranean inspired space, arched doorways and entryways are essential features. Consider adding arched doorways to your linen closet, main bathroom entrance, or even to your low threshold shower. Incorporating these refined architectural details will truly bring this bold, beautiful style to life.


One last way to tie together this style in your bathroom is with furnishings. Mosaic tile topped seating that ties in the bright colors like turquoise and oranges will add that last pop of color. For a more rustic style, natural wood furniture in earthy tones will help add to your Tuscan master bathroom.

Whether you are drawn to the bright blues and whites of Greece or the rusty reds and yellows of Tuscany, New Life Bath and Kitchen has the design professionals to help you get the master bathroom of your Mediterranean dreams. If you are looking to do a full bathroom remodel, reface your cabinets, or add in a zero threshold shower, we are ready to tackle any project, big or small. Contact us today and let our professional staff get started on your dream bathroom.