How to Choose a Backsplash You'll Love

When remodeling your kitchen, it's easy for a backsplash to become an afterthought. After all, you're spending so much time looking at the bigger items -- like cabinets, appliances, and floors -- that the backsplash tends to be forgotten. But that's actually a mistake, as the backsplash can really tie all of the other design elements of your kitchen together. While the cabinets and floors need your attention, don't forget to consider how a new backsplash will play into your kitchen. Keep these 6 things in mind.

High-Impact Area

Every kitchen has a backsplash area that provides the highest impact. This may be above your range or above your sink. This is the area that is going to stand out the most when you walk in the room, so play it up. Use pattern in this high-impact area. Create a showpiece here by using neutrals around the room and some funky glass tiles in the high-impact space. Go bold with color here.

Be Budget Savvy

Save your budget (and create great design in the process) by keeping your primary tiles thicker than your decorative tiles. They'll cover more space for less money, while the smaller decorative tiles will add interest.

Color or Neutral?

There's no doubt about it -- color will pop in a backsplash, while neutral backsplashes can add elegance and calmness to your kitchen. Figure out what you're aim is. Do you want your backsplash to tie everything together into your kitchen, or do you want it to make a statement? Choose neutral for a unifying look, or go bold for impact.

What Material?

With endless choices for backsplash materials, what will work best for your kitchen?

It may be a good idea to look to the style of your kitchen. If you have a rustic kitchen, brick is a logical and beautiful choice. A modern kitchen may look best with a sleek ceramic tile. Stainless steel sheets may be the right choice for a more industrial kitchen. Do you have a ranch style home? Subway tiles will look perfect. Arts and crafts tiles are well-suited for a Craftsman home.

Be sure to think about the commitment you're making when selecting a material. For example, stone, while beautiful, will need an updated sealing every year. 

Don't Be Matchy-Matchy

Mixing your design elements, rather than matching them, is a good rule of thumb when you're looking for a cohesive, but visually interesting look. 

For example, use the counter for color inspiration for your backsplash, but don't match it too closely. If you have a busy counter, choose a plainer backsplash in a color from a fleck in the countertop. If you have a plain counter, put pattern into your backsplash.

How High?

Just how much backsplash do you want? Some homeowners prefer to stop at the cabinet line, and that works well in many cases. But have you considered running your backsplash up the whole wall - perhaps above your sink? This can be beautiful and impactful. You can also extend the backsplash to wrap around the whole room to visually expand a small kitchen.

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