Zero-Threshold Showers -- Going Accessible… with Style

If you’re planning to age in place, you’ll need to think about how you’ll manage your daily routines independently. Think about your current shower. Do you have a threshold to step over? Perhaps even a tub or basin? That may not seem like a big deal now, but as time goes on, even stepping over a 6-inch threshold (the height of most shower thresholds) can become difficult.

Zero-threshold showers provide a stylish and accessible alternative to the challenges of standard showers.

What is a Zero-Threshold Shower?

A zero-threshold shower is just that -- zero threshold. It means you don’t have to step into a tub or basin. You don’t even have to lift your leg over a threshold of a few inches. With no barrier between the shower floor and the bathroom floor, you can simply walk right in and take your daily shower. It’s simplicity and ease for whatever you experience as you age.

More Advantages than a Walk-in Bathtub

Some people love the walk-in bathtub for aging in place. It takes the challenge of stepping over the bathtub wall out of the equation. However, walking into a walk-in bathtub isn’t always as easy at it sounds. With a narrow opening, some find it a challenge to maneuver through the doorway. And since the door swings shut, you have to position yourself out of the way after you’ve stepped into the tub. Plus, there’s still a small step to manage.

Switching to a walk-in bathtub is also an adjustment from the way most people take baths. With a walk-in bathtub, you have to get in before you can fill the tub. When you’re finished bathing, you have to wait until all the water has drained before you can exit.

When you have a zero-threshold shower, you can just walk in. No threshold. No step. No waiting. No problem.

Stylish Design

Unfortunately, many accommodations and remodels that make a bathroom more accessible can end up making it look more like a hospital room. But you shouldn’t have to give up style and succumb to the institutional look when you need to add accessibility to your bathroom.

Zero-threshold showers provide a seamless, unbroken appearance that looks classy and sharp -- no matter the style of your bathroom. You can customize the shower however you want -- add beautiful tile, flooring, and hardware to match your style preferences.

Larger Space

Zero-threshold showers typically require more space in a bathroom to account for the splash zone. This is actually a good thing because that means that no matter what life throws your way -- a walker, crutches, even a wheelchair -- there will be space for you.

Contractors that specialize in zero-threshold showers are skilled at arranging the space of your bathroom to accommodate the shower.

Safety Features

The larger space of a zero threshold shower also allows room for safety features, like a handrail or a built-in bench (These can also be stylishly designed). Non-slip flooring can be added during the remodel for extra safety.

Aging in place provides dignity and independence, and when you can add a zero-threshold shower to your home, you remove the need for help with your daily hygiene. Zero-threshold showers allow you to age with grace and peace of mind. 

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