9 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas You May Not Have Considered

Bathrooms are one of the easiest spaces to clutter. We're typically using the room at our busiest, most-frantic time of the day, and it's easy for us to neglect to put items back in their places. And when you have insufficient storage, you end up digging through your items, spilling them all over the place, and leaving behind an unwelcome, unattractive space.

The problem is, we often just use the space that's been given to us without a second thought. It takes some creative thinking, but your bathroom has untold, untapped storage solutions that are stylish and a breeze to use.

Creative Cabinetry

Think beyond the drawer. Things get lost in typical drawers, but adding drawers within drawers, hidden compartments, and shelving units within drawers will ensure there's a place for everything -- so you can put everything in its place.

Storage Tower

Look up, as well as down. Think about any unused space floating in the air, and put a storage tower in its place. You won't have to keep things out on the counter, and your linens will be neatly tucked away.

Upper UPPER Storage

You've seen this in kitchens, but why not the bathroom? Install cabinets near the ceiling to take advantage of that unused space. Use them for things you don't need every day, like duplicate toiletries and extra toilet paper.

What's in Your Hallway?

In a small bathroom, you may not be able to eke out enough storage space for all your toiletries. When that happens, look to your hallway. Can you install a pull-out shelving unit in an unused wall like this hidden and stylish floor-to-ceiling unit?


Much like the storage tower, look for dead space in your bathroom walls. Often, there will be an unused wall near a traditional bathtub. This is a perfect place for cubbies. Use stylish baskets and neatly folded towels for an organized, eye-pleasing way to keep your extra essentials close at hand.

Another place for cubbies is alongside the sink. This small, narrow shelving unit keeps the bathroom looking tidy while still stylish.

Skip Cupboards, and Go for Drawers Instead

Standard bathrooms come with cupboards below the sink, and many of us are conditioned to not even question that storage solution since it's what's been done for so long. However, if you've ever spent an extra five minutes trying to find an extra razor, your favorite bottle of perfume, or a missing pair of tweezers, you know that cupboards can end up being black holes in a bathroom. Why not swap them out for stylish drawers that are easier to organize, can hold more, and are easier to access?


A ledge above the sink is a great place to put toothbrushes and lotions without crowding your countertops.

Customized Cabinets and Drawers

Work with a contractor to design a beautiful storage solution in your bathroom. The opaque glass in this example means your personal items won't be on display, but their colors and shapes will add interest and organization to the room.

Sleek, Hidden Storage

This bathroom allows for hidden storage behind a sleek door. The pull-out drawers make it easy to keep things organized since you don't have to reach around to get items out of the drawers.

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