Upgrading Your Bathroom with Moldings

In many homes, the difference between an average bathroom and an outstanding one is in the small details. There are numerous small items that can be updated or replaced to upgrade your bathroom and make it more distinguished, from the sink knobs to the cabinet handles to the lighting. Today I want to take a few minutes to discuss the moldings that can make your bathroom more elegant and unique.

Crown moldings and baseboards are an obvious place to begin, providing a crisp, shapely border at the top and bottom of your walls. Chances are, your bathroom already has some kind of baseboard, but these can be upgraded to more sophisticated or oversized designs to improve on the plain, standard variety. Crown molding is usually the one of the first upgrades that house “flippers” install to immediately increase the value of a home. In your bathroom, it definitely adds a touch of class.

Chair rail is an ultra-simple addition that creates many more options for design variety. By creating a horizontal border across the wall at waist height, chair rail adds to the design in several ways. First, like pinstripes on a car, it adds visual detail to the room. More than that, it provides a natural border so that the lower and upper halves of a wall can have different colors or textures.

Wainscoting is a great way to add visual interest and uniqueness to a bathroom. Beadboard is a popular choice, as it can either lend a homey, country feel when stained, or a modern, elegant impression when painted white. Beadboard is always bordered on the bottom with baseboard and above with chair rail.

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