Replacing Fluorescent Lights in the Kitchen

There was an era when four-foot fluorescent tube lights were the standard in most kitchens across the country… fortunately, that era is over! Many kitchens still have fluorescent lights remaining from decades ago, and homeowners would love to get rid of them. With some skill in electrical work and drywall, the job is not impossible for a homeowner, though it is a difficult one. For a skilled kitchen remodeler, however, removing fluorescent lights and installing fashionable lighting is a fast, affordable job that can transform your kitchen.

Options for Replacing Fluorescent Kitchen Lights

When your fluorescent lights are removed, there is likely to be a hollow left behind in the ceiling, which needs to be filled in, and of course, there will be the wiring to deal with. The choices that need to be made, then, are what to do with the space, and what kind of new lighting to install.

The trend in kitchen lighting is definitely towards numerous small lights, rather than one large light source. One stylish, elegant trend is to have several recessed lights spaced around the kitchen, and one set of focal-point lights that hang down over a table, bar or island. Of course, there are also a wide variety of track-lights, pendant lights and chandelier-style lights for kitchens as well.

As for the hole left behind when the old fixture is removed, it can be easily framed in and drywalled, so that it will be indistinguishable from the rest of the ceiling. If the lighting is not centered, or if there were two or more lights in different parts of the ceiling, this is definitely preferable. If your lights were concentrated in one central configuration, leaving a single cavity behind, don’t waste it! It can be finished very attractively to achieve a stylish raised ceiling, adding depth and individuality to your kitchen.

Another method for adding even more elegance to your new kitchen ceiling is by using molding or another method to install hidden recessed lighting in your raised ceiling. This creates a warm atmosphere with a subtle charm, going a step beyond the typical modern kitchen.

For any of your kitchen remodeling needs, including replacing fluorescent kitchen lights, contact New Life Bath & Kitchen for a free estimate. We are always happy to listen to your ideas and evaluate your kitchen to see what is possible. We can also suggest ideas you may not have considered to maximize the value and practicality of your space.

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