What Are Some Characteristics of a Quality Paint?

Here are some tips on determining paint quality from our New Life Painting Manager, Noah Winkles:

"Hey everyone, I have a lot customers here on the Central Coast that ask me about what makes good paint, good paint. As a painting company that offers both residential and commercial painting services here on the central coast, I make sure that all of the materials that we use are top quality. Take a look at these characteristics and you'll see, if one of those start to show, the customer will be unhappy. 

Right product + Right Knowledge + Right tools + Right Conditions + Right People = Total Quality package

1.) Quality Paints – Exterior

Mildew resistance

Fade resistance

Chalk resistance

Hides Well

Good Adhesion

Greater dry film thickness


2.) Quality Paints – Interior

Spatter resistance


Touch up ability

Resistance to blocking

Resistance to burnishing

Flow and Leveling

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