Home Remodeling - Bamboo Flooring

Cheaply made bamboo flooring can be soft and prone to warping, delaminating, and throwing off dangerous fumes. Not these solid boards, both made with mature Moso plants by Chinese mills that report directly to environmentally conscious U.S. companies. One showcases the grass’s classic grain, while the other is made by compressing many strands to make a denser, harder board, treated to look like distressed hardwood.

For a customer who is willing to pay a pretty penny for bamboo flooring, Teragren Portfolio is $8.49 per square foot and is the perfect fit for someone looking for a rustic appearance, wider plank and a great product that can take a beating. Characterized as strand-woven, this processed bamboo is made by being compressed under extreme pressure with heat and adhesive to form slabs that are sliced into planks; these self-lock and float. It is one and a half times harder than red oak and comes in ten colors. Also, tiny pits and flecks give the wide planks warmth and depth. The look is more fabricated up close, but less likely to change color when exposed to the sun. The bamboo floor is finished with seven top coats which include aluminum oxide and polyurethane. Stain and embossing add texture and depth, which would typically be lost with refinishing.

For customers who are on a tight budget but still want a quality product, EcoTimber Traditional is $4.99 per square foot and is the perfect fit for someone who is looking for a natural-bamboo look but is extra careful about the treatment of the flooring. No high heel shoes will be walking on this floor. These rectangular strips of processed bamboo are laminated horizontally (edge to edge) and cut into solid planks.

Although slightly softer than red oak, this floor goes down like hardwood with either glue or nails. If the natural color isn’t the first choice, it is also available in a darker amber finish. The narrow, naturally pale planks reflect light and showcase the bamboo’s nodes. There isn’t much grain to hide dents, so this isn’t highly recommended for high-traffic areas or large families with animals.

Also, bamboo tends to darken with exposure to sun. This particular flooring is finished using a smooth seven-coat finish which includes aluminum oxide and a scratch-resistant acrylic. Lastly, refinishing this floor will not change its look.

Different strands for different fans? These two products both qualify as green, but they differ in look, performance, and price. What fits you and your household? Contact New Life Bath & Kitchen in Santa Maria, CA at (805) 937-9836 to answer your questions and concerns about wood flooring.